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Sound Insulation Partition

A new type of high performance drywall partition system that has special design and has been tested and proven by lab and field tests, which is composed of Knauf soundstud and soundshield plasterboard; it can effectively improve the sound insulation of partition walls without increasing the thickness and/or weight of the partition.
Applicable scope:
It is particularly suitable for separating wall in hotel and apartments, partitions in cinema, recording studio, assembly hall, school, and other places with extremely high requirements on sound insulation and privacy.
- Simple and convenient installation
- Formed by the patented Knauf soundstud and special Knauf soundshield plasterboard to offer optimum sound insulating effects; it can meet high sound insulating requirements.
System components:
Knauf soundstud
- Patent product, it increases the spring function of lightweight steel stud due to its unique sectional design, which effectively reduces the influence of sound bridge and further improves the sound insulation of partition wall.
- Compared with standard C stud, the weighted transmission loss Rw value is increased by 2-3 db on average.
- Share the same stiffness and load bearing capacity as standard C stud, so the maximum allowable partition wall height remains the same.
- Currently available in 75*50*0.6mm size, which can be used for single-layerstud and double-layer stud partition system.
Knauf soundshield
- Being the gypsum plasterboard specially formed by high density core and special blue facing paper, it has stronger sound absorption function and better sound insulation effects.
- With two kinds of thicknesses 12mm and 15mm available, it can meet different requirements on sound insulation.
- Compared with standard gypsum plasterboard of the same thickness, the sound insulation can be improved by 1-2 dB on average.
- While used in cooperation with Knauf soundstud, the sound insulation can be increased by 3-5 dB compared with standard gypsum plasterboard and standard C stud.
System illustration:

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