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Knauf has sought to solidify our position as a green supplier of building materials since the founding of the company. By using gypsum, which is inherently environmentally-friendly, as the primary raw material of our products, we have guaranteed that we put priority on the environment at each and every turn.

-        We have made persistent efforts in promoting mining area recovery to restore the ecological environment of areas after mining for gypsum.
-        We have called on and led our employees to help with reforestation efforts.
-        We use FGD gypsum (flue gas desulfurization) as the raw material for our products to achieve the recycling of materials.
-        We have upgraded our production plants to reduce energy consumption in lighting and heating and to reduce water use.
-        We have upgraded our production lines to use natural gas as an energy source, which reduces carbon emissions.
-        We have persisted in efforts to recycle old plasterboard.

Gypsum and cement LCA comparison

Life cycle analysis (LCA)