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Knauf’s core values for business operations that we follow in every step are menschlichkeit, entrepreneurship, commitment, and partnership. These values deeply influence the big Knauf family of each employee every single day, as each employee puts them into practice in every decision. Our values are what make us one of a kind!

We see all Knauf employees, business partners, and stakeholders as part of our big family. We treat each person equally and respectfully and hope to build a team filled with diversity and tolerance. We also dare to take responsibility and are always concerned with everyone around us, our community, and the environment.

Upholding the value of entrepreneurship and daring to take risks, Knauf has successfully become a large international corporation with business ventures spanning the globe. The spirit of taking the lead, honoring innovation and reform, and being results-oriented will continue to guide us to a more glorious future.

Knauf is focused on producing quality building materials and taking full pride and joy in everything we do. We are always willing to invest more efforts in achieving better results, thus providing our customers with high-quality solutions. Even if the whole world gives up on something, we would be the ones to say: Let’s try it one more time!

Knauf is dedicated to creating an environment of mutual trust, in which every individual must make their own commitments and take responsibility themselves. Knauf hopes to grow and develop together with our employees. We try at every turn to create opportunities for each employee to grow, which builds the foundation for a successful team. We respect the decisions of every single person because we are a team, and so we should be loyal to each other! We believe in the value of partnership and treasure it as a core element in our business operations!