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Standard Lining

Metal Furring

It can select various Knauf plasterboards as veneer to meet different performance requirements. The plasterboard is fixed on the lightweight steel frame composed of Knauf DC60 profile, Knauf universal bracket and Knauf DU28 perimeter channel.
System Features:
- Relative large clear distance between lining wall and base wall, which is convenient for filling insulation materials and laying large pipelines.
- It is suitable for the wall with uneven surface.
- wide range of applications and no need of pre-treatment of base wall surface.
- The distance ranging 27mm-125mm can be obtained between plasterboard and base wall.
System components:
- Knauf C Profile
It is the DC60*27*0.6mm profile, which is the main component of Knauf lining system –II.
- Knauf C Channel connector
It is used for extending C profile.
- Knauf U Channle
It is the DU28*27*0.5mm profile, which can serve as the channel along top and bottom.
- Knauf universal bracket
It can fix the Knauf C profile onto wall surface.
- Knauf noggin channel connector
It is used for installing horizontal profile to fix the horizontal joint.


Direct Bounding

It uses single-layer Knauf plasterboard or Knauf linerboard, which is adhered to the wall surface using Knauf bonding compound. The bonding compound is arranged in certain space array. It is the lining wall with the minimum thickness.
- Economic and convenient installation
- Slight unevenness is allowed on surface of base wall
- Certain space is reserved between lining wall and base wall for laying pipelines.
- The distance ranging 10mm-25mm can be obtained between plasterboard and base wall.
System components:
- Knauf bonding compound
It is used in lining system-I, and is a kind of multi-purpose gypsum plaster with bonding performance.

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