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External Wall Insulated Lining System

Knauf new external wall interior insulated lining system is a new type of highly effective external wall insulation system comprised of Knauf NPR linerboard, made by factory laminating Knauf plasterboard to a new type of polystyrene thermal insulation board consisting of special infrared absorber, special accessories and Knauf non-cracking system. The system offers a two-in-one solution for energy saving and interior plasterboard decorative lining of external wall, is not only safe and reliable but also economically effective.


-Huge amount of existing buildings, including historic building, need renovations to meet new energy  saving standards, and interior insulation can be an easy and more economic solution without  influencing the existing exteriors.

-The number of high rise residential buildings is growing in big cities of China, safety issues, typically the risk of falling of exterior insulation system with ceramic tile facing under high wind and earthquake loads and fire hazards; make interior insulation the safest option.

-A significant part of fast developing regions of China lie in the relatively warm zone, where interior insulation can easily meet the energy saving requirement without occupying too much of interior space.

-For non continuously occupied commercial buildings and residential with individual heating/cooling system, interior insulation is a better choice as it reduces the energy loss to heat/cool wall body and quickly regulates the interior temperature;
Applicable scope:
Knauf External Wall Insulated Lining System is particularly suitable for rebuilding and altering buildings that need rapid heating or cooling but not being frequently used as well as old buildings, which is mainly applied for :
-Masonry/concrete wall insulation

-Metal/timber frame wall insulation

-Flat roof/pitched roof/metal roof insulation

-Ceiling insulation

-Basement wall insulation

-Staircase wall insulation

System Features:
- It is particularly suitable for areas featuring hot summer and warm winter that need rapid heating or cooling and buildings that are not frequently used; the interior insulation will reduce the loss or gain of heat passing through the wall body.
- Specially produced Knauf linerboard offers external wall insulation and internal plasterboard lining at once.
- Knauf Polyfoam XPS provides reliable support for plasterboad and increases the impact resistance capacity for plasterboard due to its high compressive strength.
- Simple construction technique, no need of skilled operators and fewer components.
- It can improve the thermal insulation performance of existing building walls without changing the external appearance of buildings.
- thinner insulation layer, less occupation of internal usable area of buildings.
System illustration:


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